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  • Fast Facts

    • Mint Price: 0.5 ETH
    • Total Supply: 500 (Tier 1: 1, Tier 2: 99, Tier 3: 150, Tier 4: 250)
    • Per Transaction/Wallet: 1/2
    • Mint Date: TBD


    • This isn't your average alpha pass, mint pass, or access pass. Our smart contract is designed to randomize the result of your mint, meaning that anyone can mint any of the tiers. Additionally, one lucky person will mint Tier 1, a one-of-one, that will be redeemable with Co-Labs for a full service NFT collection all your own.

  • Annual Access

    The access pass is an annual pass that grants access to "The Lab" and provides the opportunity to receive WL spots to any eligible project we create or partner with. Each year we will issue new passes. Holders of previous year passes will be able to mint the new pass at a discount during the presale period, and holders of expired passes will retain access to The Lab and be eligible for airdrops, community events, and more.

  • Technical Specifications

    This is an ERC-1155 contract that uses weighted randomization and logic arguments to create rarity between the 4 tiers. By hashing the combined values of the current time, wallet address, and number of tokens currently minted, we can generate a random number between 1 and 100. Applying that number to our weighted logic, we create a random yet weighted minting experience. You may only mint one pass per transaction, but each wallet address may mint twice. Holding multiple passes will increase your chances of receiving WL spots in the event there are not enough spots for everyone.

Access Levels

4 Different Access Levels

Tier 4

Basic access will receive any remaining WL spots not claimed by higher access tiers and also grants entry to the lab, our community of mad scientists.

Max Supply



  • A small sample of some of the many projects you will get access to with the Co-Labs Access Pass
Potato Party
Stardust City


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